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Piano Lessons by Ian Shanks

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Conveniently located in Central Oahu...

Ian’s Music Studio offers private Oahu piano lessons for all ages 6 and up. The owner/instructor has been playing piano for over 15 years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Hawaii.

Regardless of where you’re at, taking piano lessons with Ian will greatly help to grow your knowledge of music and give you more joy and expertise with the piano.

What Students Will Learn:

We teach students the fundamentals of piano music, including:

-How to read sheet music notation. This is how the majority of piano music will be learned, so it’s essential that students learn this properly. At our studio, note reading is taught in a very easy and efficient manner that allows students to learn faster than they would achieve solely through books.

-How to understand chords, scales, rhythms, and other facets of music theory, which many students have used to create their own songs/pieces! This also helps students to learn by ear. Ultimately, it can even enrich a student’s music enjoyment for the rest of their life, through increased awareness and appreciation for how music is constructed. (More info on lessons Here.)

-Proper technique and practicing habits/strategies

-Piano History and repertoire knowledge. This is a very unique offering from this studio, where each week all students are sent a “piece of the week” email which includes a recording of a famous piece of piano music, with background information written by the teacher. This lets students learn more about the history of piano music, and also exposes them to a large variety of beautiful music played the best performers in the world, which has many long-term benefits.

Our piano classes are always one-on-one, which is generally far superior in the long term compared to group lessons for learning this instrument. We’ve created a great environment for you to learn without distraction, with the teacher’s full attention on you.

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